Do It your Self Large Decorative Mirrored Wall Clock

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SKU 14:193#Black 30-50cm

Color: Black 30-50cm


 Smart Device: No

Shape: circular

Motivity Type: Digital

Type: Wall Clocks

Wall Clock Type: 9 mm Sheet

Pattern: 3D big size wall clock

Body Material: Metal and mirror

Material: Metal

Diameter: 120 cm (47 inch)


1. Stickers made of Foam Materials and Mirror material(16inch is no EVA, which is non toxic and non fading ,can last for about 3-5 years.

2.Stickers can be removable, with glue on the backside, easy to paste on the wall or any other clean and smooth surface, such as door, the closet and so on.
3.The mirror with glue, before to paste the sticker on the wall, you need to paste the mirror on the sticker surface first.
4. Diy design, clock layout size measured by hands, can be adjust to be smaller or bigger size
Sticker material: EVA Foam (Ethylene vinyl acetate)    
40cm / 16inch:
Second hand: 15cm / 6"  
Hour hand: 14cm / 5.6"             
Minute hand: 18.5cm / 7.3" 
Clock machine: 9cm/ 3.6" 
the minimum achieving is: 38cm x38cm / 15" x 15".
120cm / 47inch:             
Hour hand: 31.5cm /12.4"             
Minute hand: 39cm / 15.3" 
Clock machine: 12cm/ 4.9" 

So ,47inch installation process:
1.Put the trace-less nail into the right position, the small tail should be up.
2.Put off the screw button from clock disc, then put on the scale and hang to the trace-less nail. It is better fix the scale by using the adhesive tape.
3.Cutting the scale depend on your wall size.
4. The Scale has 12 black lines for the right position, move the ruler to each grid, using the pencil to mark the position ,the balack lines should be parallel to locate the sicker easily.
5.Taking off the UV film from the clock pointer
6.Taking off the screw from clock dial, then put the pointer, first for second pointer, after for minutes pointer
7.Hang the clock to the trace-less nail
8.Taking off the paper from the mirror
9.Put the mirror surface to each EVA sticker, then take off the UV film from mirror
10.Put the EVA sticker to the position you marked .
Follow this step you will get down.